A cross-currency refers to a currency pair or transaction that does not involve the U.S. And RBI does allow cross currency pairs to be traded in the derivatives market in India. The price displayed for a currency pair is the amount of the quote currency required to purchase one unit of the base currency. Some of the most commonly traded currency pairs are listed below. The currency pairs listed above are considered “majors,” and there are many more. These are the most commonly traded pairs and all have the US dollar on one side.

  • Forex trading or forex exchange is the exchange of one currency for another.
  • Stock markets are based at a single location and public records are kept of buyers and sellers.
  • If traders believe that a currency will move in a specific direction, they may trade accordingly and may urge others to do the same, thereby increasing or decreasing demand.
  • Quantitative easing, for instance, involves injecting more money into an economy, which may cause a currency’s value to decline.
  • The first currency listed in a currency pair is known as the base currency, and the second currency is known as the quote currency.

• EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/YEN are cross currency rates for India. Since the profits are settled in INR, it will be important to track USD/INR pair especially during times when the currency trend is strong in one direction. • Profit/Loss in foreign currency will be converted using applicable RBI rate for the day. Trading leveraged products such as Forex and CFDs may not be suitable for all investors as they carry a high degree of risk to your capital.

But before we learn how to make money in forex trading, let us understand the origin of currency trading worldwide. When you trade currencies, you sell one currency to buy another. There are as many currency pairs as there are currencies in the world. The total number of currency pairs fluctuates as currencies come and go. All currency pairs are classified based on their daily trading volume.

Some traders prefer trading volatile currency pairings because of the larger potential gains. When trading extremely volatile currency pairings, traders should consider limiting their position sizes since the increased potential gain comes with a higher risk. Traders may also assess volatility by examining the average actual range of a currency pair or the range expressed as a percentage of spot.

To begin a long position, you trade at the purchase price, which is somewhat higher than the market price. To initiate a short position, you trade at the selling price, which is somewhat lower than the market price. While some foreign exchange is done for practical reasons, the great majority of currency conversion is done to make a profit. Because of the volume of money exchanged each day, the price fluctuations of some currencies can be very volatile. This unpredictability is what makes forex so appealing to traders.


Traders like liquidity and tight spreads because they allow them to make large trades with little impact on the market. As a forex trader, you can have any of these pairs in your portfolio. However, there are several factors to consider when choosing the right pairs for trading.

Forex trading often involves selling one currency to purchase another, which is why it is quoted in pairs; the price of a forex pair equals one unit of the base currency in the quotation currency. One of the most important steps to start forex trading is to start small. While you invest it is essential for you to understand the leverage, leverage ratio, and market movement, determining your stop-loss/profits. If you have an online trading account, you don’t need any additional permission to do currency trading. You can buy and sell currency pairs on the NSE or the BSE currency segment. With factors such as a 24-hour market, high leverage, and a daily turnover of 6.6 trillion US Dollars you can make unlimited profits in the currency market.

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Currency pairs serve to define the value of one currency versus another, and exchange rates will fluctuate in response to the respective changing values. The term “floating rate” refers to the fact that the exchange rate is constantly changing. Exotic pairs are a combination that typically includes a currency from a developed https://1investing.in/ nation and a developing nation . You’ll notice that the USD is thus paired with multiple currencies including INR. In fact, it’s one of the metrics used to divide the types of currency pairs that you can trade anywhere in the world. Sometimes, a major currency is paired with a currency of a developing nation.

While the currency market in India is jointly regulated by RBI and SEBI, globally the currency market is way less regulated than the stock markets. The global currency market is dominated by banks and brokers, which can lead to scams, unfair price manipulations, counterparty risks etc. Traditional brokers charge as high as 3-20 pips, way higher than the 1 pip charged in interbank trades.

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In a forex pair such as the GBP/USD, the first currency is called the base, while the second is called the quote. A buy entry orders the broker to buy the base and sell the quote, while a sell entry orders the broker to sell the base and buy the quote. Due to several reasons, there are different categories of forex pairs. There are scores of currency pairs that trade in the forex market. The currencies that are traded the most against the US dollar are known as major currencies.

This generates increased trading volume and, as a result, improves price stability. Given the enormous levels of liquidity that EUR/USD, USD/CHF, and EUR/GBP trade with, it’s no wonder that they’re among the most volatile currency pairings. The market hours can actually be a disadvantage as these pairs are traded 24/7 around the world. It starts in the land of the rising sun and during their day hours is when USD/JPY is most active. The second major activity happens during the evening when the American markets open. EUR/USD and GBP/USD are mainly active during European and American hours.

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By Deepika Khude Deepika Khude The author is a Certified Financial Planner with 5 years experience in Investment Advisory and Financial Planning. Her strength lies in simplifying complex financial concepts with real life stories and analogies. Her goal is to make common retail investors financially smart and independent. Major –Seven currencies account for 80% of worldwide forex trade.

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But he notices that the GBP/INR starts depreciating, and he worries about losing his money. Exotic pairs are currency pairs which use 1 major currency and 1 minor currency like USD/NOV (US Dollars/Norwegian Krone). The major currency pairs almost always involve USD i.e. (USD/EUR); (USD/GBP); (USD/CAD) etc. Exotic currency pairs are made up of one major currency and one currency from an emerging market .

The volatility of major currencies is more controlled than the minor and exotic pairs, and that’s one more reason why traders consider them easier to trade. Currency pairs aid in converting currencies especially for online forex trade. Cross-currency pairs allow for seamless conversions of currencies, without having to rely on the US dollar as the reference point. A few years ago, there were no regulations for currency trading in India and investors had to open a trading account with brokerages situated abroad. However, now it is possible to legally trade in currency pair futures with proper regulation in place. The great bulk of forex trading is conducted between institutional traders, such as those employed by banks, fund managers, and multinational organizations.

The value of the Australian dollar is closely linked to the value of its exports, with metal and mineral exports such as iron ore and coal accounting for a significant portion of the country’s GDP. Forex trading, in its most basic form, is the trading of currencies from various nations against each other, such as the US Dollar vs the Euro. Regional –Pairs that are categorized by areas, such as Scandinavia or Australasia. EUR/NOK (Euro vs. Norwegian krona), AUD/NZD (Australian dollar vs. New Zealand dollar), AUD/SGD (Australian dollar vs. Singapore dollar).

This is called negative balance protection, and while offered by some brokers in India, it is not required by the SEBI to be offered to all clients and not always activated by default. The two other major markets are the Sydney market and the Tokyo market and trading when these markets are open is also a good approach, though you will have to stay up very late, or get up very early. The procedure varies from one broker to another but generally involves filling in an online form and providing some form of ID such as a passport, driver’s licence, etc., and a utility bill. You may also have to respond to an email or text message to verify your details. You should be able to open an account online but if this is not possible you may have to send proof of identity in the post.

What is Currency Trading or Forex Trading?

Each currency in the pair is represented by a three-letter code, which typically consists of two letters representing the area and one representing the currency itself. GBP/USD, a provision is : for example, is a currency pair that includes purchasing the British pound and selling the US dollar. In addition to the majors, there are also less frequent occupations .

Since it’s a major forex pair, USD-JPY has a nickname – the Gopher. This also means that exotic pairs are known to lack liquidity and volume because they are not traded as much as other forex pairs. Forex traders in India do not have the option to trade exotic pairs. Governments and large financial institutions engage with the currency market to manage their foreign reserves. 4) No need to issue cheques by investors while subscribing to IPO. The largest currency pairings, which are also the most liquid, have the least volatile currency pairs.

There are 3 lot sizes namely, Micro lot ; Mini Lot and Standard Lot . The price for buying the base currency is called Bid price and the price for selling the base currency is called Ask price. It is a general rule that when the price of oil rises, the US dollar weakens because more US dollars must be converted into other currencies to buy the same amount of oil as before.

You should choose a discount broker as they charge a flat brokerage fee on transactions. Samco is one of the best discount brokers in India with a flat brokerage fee of Rs 20 per trade. Apart from this, you need to have a trading account with a SEBI registered currency broker in India, like Samco. While big leverages help you take big positions in the market, even a small adverse change can lead to huge losses. Hence it is very important to understand your risk appetite and manage money prudently.

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The liquidity of a forex pair may also depend on the active trading session. All currencies are traded in pairs, allowing traders to buy and sell simultaneously. Although there’s a wide range of currencies to choose from when trading, most traders carefully select a few to trade. As a trader, one of the crucial decisions you’ll make is deciding the best or easiest forex pair to trade. In this article, you’ll learn what makes forex pairs tradable and the easiest pair to trade.

Forex traders never take ownership of the asset being transacted. With Forex trading, the trader isspeculatingon the future value of a currency pair and to call it an investment would be incorrect. The FXScouts podcast helps beginner Forex traders get the best start to their trading careers.

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